0xDeFi NFTs: Next-Gen Utility-Based NFTs To Reward Community Members


What are NFTs?

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are blockchain-based tokens that are not fungible means can not be broken into pieces or cannot be exchanged with other assets for an equivalent amount unlike BTC, ETH and other assets which can be exchanged with their respective pairs. NFTs are used to represent the rarity of an item.

0xDeFi NFTs

0xDeFi NFTs are powerful NFTs issued to contributors, testers, and community builders. 0xDefi NFTs will grant you whitelisting/allocations in 0xDeFi launchpad sale, Governance rights to help shape the future of our protocol, and last but not least, Airdrop rewards.

0xDefi NFTs are divided into two subcategories:

1) Contributor NFTs

2) Tester NFTs

What Are Contributor NFTs?

Let’s first start with contributor NFTs. These NFTs will be issued to the contributors of 0xDeFi. Contributions can be in any form of content creation, meme creation, graphics/visual content, development contribution, moderating communities, community building, active helpers in the community, and more.

Following Shardeum’s OCC principle, we want every active Contributor to be rewarded.

The Contributor NFTs are highly valued than the Tester/Community NFT.

The benefits of Contributor NFTs include:

  • Higher Airdrop Reward Pool
  • Governance Rights with governance airdrops (If any)
  • Higher Allocation In IDO
  • A chance to join our core team in the respective domain.

How to Claim Contributor NFTs?

Regular tasks for community contributions will be posted on Contributor Trello Board, with points to be awarded on the contribution.

Note: Only the best contributions will be awarded XP points.

The highest 20 contributors will be eligible to mint the Contributor NFT every season.

Note: There is a lower bound of 500 XP points to claim Contributor NFT.

In the future, you will be able to craft new rare NFTs by combining multiple Contributor NFTs.

Make sure you contribute in the highest possible way to claim the rarest Contributor NFTs.

The rarity is as follows :

  • Normal Contributor NFTs(Awarded to top 20 contributors per season).
  • Super Contributor NFTs(Can be minted by combining 2 Normal Contributor NFTs).
  • Star Contributor NFTs(Can be minted by combining 2 Super Contributor NFTs).

The reward/benefit distribution will be according to the rarity of the Contributor NFTs.

Note: If we receive an overwhelming response from contributors across the globe, we will rethink modifying the no of NFTs awarded each season

What Are Tester NFTs?

Tester NFTs will be issued to those users, which will help us stress test our Dapp and provide valuable feedback.

These NFTs can be minted by combining your XP points.

The benefits of Tester NFTs include :

  • Airdrop Reward
  • Governance rights with governance airdrops (If any)

How to Claim Tester NFTs?

We will publish a link to a task site, where tasks will be provided to testers, after completing these tasks, they will be awarded XP points.

The tasks provided are divided into two categories.

  • Daily Quest: These tasks will provide XP points daily. Tasks such as visiting the 0xdefi site daily and claiming faucets will be included in this category. You can earn +10 XP points daily by completing each daily task.
  • Weekly Quest: These tasks will provide XP points on a weekly basis. Tasks such as swapping, adding liquidity, removing liquidity, inviting new members, and tweeting about 0xdefi will be included in this category. You can earn +100 XP points weekly by completing each task weekly.

There will be 100 Tester NFTs each season, which can be claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each Tester NFT will cost 500–1000 XP points (Subject to change).

So make sure to claim your NFTs as fast as possible due to limited quantity.

All the testers with a minimum of 250 XP points will be eligible to gain a “Tester Role” on our Discord.

Each season will consist of 4–5 Weeks. More details about the NFT claim portal will be released at a later point in time.

About 0xDefi

0xDefi is the first permissionless, Community governed defi ecosystem on the Shardeum blockchain. We are building a DeFi DAO ecosystem to solve the ‘liquidity’ problems on the shardeum blockchain.

Read more: https://docs.0xdefi.finance

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