0xDefi Is Repositioning As ChainHash With A New Vision To Serve The Community Better.

0xDefi Is Now ChainHash


because now we are Empowering the decentralized economy @Shardeum.

We’re thrilled to announce that 0xdefi, which was conceived as a Dex, is now repositioning and rebranding as ChainHash.

0xdefi was one of the first few Dexs deployed on Shardeum but as the Shardeum ecosystem expanded we saw many more Dexs being deployed on Shardeum. As our Co-founder’s objective has always been to empower the decentralized economy, rather than to create a competitive environment with other Dapps on the network and confuse the users due to the “Paradox of Choices”. Hence over a period of the last few months, our Co-founders did extensive research, brainstorming, and collaborations to ideate unique offerings for our users to make users choices easier and add value to the decentralized economy rather than giving the users just another option for choice.

The ChainHash platform instead of one product will be having multiple products and solutions for the Community members, Developers and also for growing the Shardeum network in long run.

We will be soon launching our Dex Aggregator as we already have a few Dexs operational on the Shardeum network.

Well, there is one more thing, while we will be releasing a series of products and solutions for adding value to the Shardeum community and growing the network. We will be adding more power to our offerings with the help of NFTs & SBTs, sounds interesting!!. We bet it does and we are just starting.

Cryptocurrencies since invention in 2009, have come out as one of the most powerful investment tools and over the period of last decade have given tremendous returns to the longtime hodlers. Just one example, in 2010 10,000 Bitcoin bought 2 Papa John’s Pizzas and even in the current bear market in 2022, 10,000 Bitcoins will be equal to, yes we know you will do the math. Now with the invention of a new use case of blockchain, NFTs took birth and we have seen the demand for NFTs soar in the last few years. So with the target of bringing the latest and innovative solutions to our users, ChainHash will be a token-less platform which, based on its advanced and complex algorithm based investment model, will be giving assured monthly returns to its NFT hodlers.

Ofcourse, by joining ChainHash early and participating in the community activities, ChainHash Community members will get a chance to enter the whitelist NFTs, yes you heard it right, we will be airdropping some NFTs to our most active community members for their loyalty and commitment to ChainHash.

We also want to take this opportunity to introduce our core team, our Co-founders, as this Dapp is by the top contributors of Shardeum for the community members of Shardeum and ChainHash. Our Co-founders (in alphabetical order) are

  1. Puneet RST discord @Puneetrst#9958
  2. Saurabh B discord @Saurabh B#9234
  3. Shailesh K discord @ShaileshK#0705
  4. Vaijanath discord @Vaijanath_eth#9484

We will be soon coming up with other blogs & announcements about our Co-founders bios, Details of Airdrops & Rewards, New Logo and many many more exciting things. So Stay tuned and if you have not done it already, join our Discord channel, Telegram and follow us on Twitter so that you dont miss any important update.

We promise to empower the users and bring more power to our community members with a mission to empower the decentralized economy @Shardeum.


LinkTree : https://linktr.ee/chainhash

Discord : https://discord.gg/eYHBGrCxzk

Twitter : https://twitter.com/chainhash_io

Telegram : https://t.me/ChainHash_Chat