0xDefi Finance is live on Shardeum Alphanet Liberty 1.1

0xDeFi is excited to announce the launch of our DEX/Swap DApp on the Alphanet Liberty 1.1 testnet. We are aiming to become the first truly community-driven, open-source ecosystem on the Shardeum blockchain,

We are excited to reach this phase of development and look forward to receiving user feedback on our Dapp. The 0xDeFi and Shardeum Community will play an integral role in stress testing our DApp.

0xDeFi alphanet testnet comes out of the box with the following features:

  • Swap

Don’t hesitate to send us feedback on the #feedback channel on Our Discord.

How to Use the 0xDefi Testnet

  1. Access the app at https://testnet.0xdefi.finance, and click on “Connect Wallet” to connect your Metamask Wallet.

Testnet Participation Rewards

Participation in our testnet is an important step that allows us to test both the user experience and backend functionality of our protocol. Also, it helps the shardeum core team to build a robust blockchain infrastructure.

We aim to incentivize our different levels of contributors with our native tokens, swags, and much more. Head towards our discord to know how you can contribute to 0xdefi

More details about the Dapp testing rewards will be published soon.

About 0xDefi

0xDefi is the first permissionless, Community governed defi ecosystem on Shardeum blockchain. We are building a DeFi DAO ecosystem to solve the ‘liquidity’ problems on the shardeum blockchain.

Read more: https://docs.0xdefi.finance

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